About Us





The editorial staff at CruiseOften.Com has worked in the cruise industry for various cruise lines, travel agencies and a variety of maritime disciplines. Because of our  shared love of the sea and travel, we decided to create a website dedicated to the enjoyment of sailing to exotic and fun destinations.  Our goal is to provide cruisers with an online information resource for cruisers and travelers.  CruiseOften is the cruisers web reference for all things cruise related.

Cruise often is the web authority for all things related to cruising! So that you can  know before you go, we deliver:

  • Cruise news
  • Ship reviews
  • Ports of call reviews
  • planning for your dream vacation
  • Info for first time cruisers
  • How to find the best cruise deals

If you have a cruise related question that you don’t find an answer for on our website,  please email us at info@cruiseoften.com. We’re always on the lookout for new and useful information that we can share with cruisers and travelers. We would love to hear from you.