Island Windjammers Sagitta Cruise Review

Most of the articles that I write are not in the first person but this one is different.  I had the distinct pleasure of spending a week aboard the lovely Sagitta and I can’t wait to share with you my amazing experience. Island Windjammers is an exclusive Cruise Company based in the Caribbean.  Sagitta sails out of St. Maarten while the Diamant … [Read more...]

Island Windjammers Cruises

If you want to take a cruise that is unlike almost any other, consider boarding the Diamant and spending a week or two with the Island Windjammer’s crew. Preceded by the now defunct Windjammer Barefoot Cruises, Island Windjammer is the only true year-round sailing cruise line in the Caribbean. When I say, sailing, I mean sailing.  Yes, this ship … [Read more...]