Passport for a Cruise

Are passports required for a cruise? Cruises continue to increase in popularity and yet many people wonder about travel requirements for a vacation of this type. What documents are needed when you go on a cruise? This is of concern to many who worry that a family emergency may arise and they will need to return home quickly, but can't do so without … [Read more...]

Cruise Formal Night

Bringing Glamour Back: A chance to embrace elegance and all things refined. For many first time cruisers one of the most exciting moments is stepping onto the ship and realizing you have entered a whole new world.  The ship staff is ready to greet you in finely pressed white uniforms and upon entering the grand lobby you will be delighted … [Read more...]

Ten Tips for Cruise Shopping

Pack for Adventure When it comes to vacations it’s hard to beat the experience of taking a cruise.  With so many activities and dining options on the ship you and your family can stay entertained without ever setting foot on land.  From multiple pools to rock climbing walls, elegant dining, shopping in the promenade, watching a show, and … [Read more...]

Passport Requirements

U.S. Passport Requirements for Planning your Cruise Vacation In planning an international cruise vacation, both veteran and first-time cruisers need to learn and understand the myriad travel rules and restrictions issued by the U.S. State Department and the Department of Homeland Security for U.S. citizens and U.S. nationals traveling abroad, as … [Read more...]

Planning Your Dream Vacation

There are a number of things you should take into consideration before booking your dream vacation and here are some helpful tips to get you on your way to sitting poolside or enjoying the view from your stateroom balcony.  So let’s get packing! Speaking of packing, nothing can ruin a vacation faster than forgetting one or more very important … [Read more...]

Cruise Dining

SHIPBOARD CRUISE DINING If you have been on a cruise before, most of this information will just be a reminder for you but if you are new to cruising there is some very key information here that you should be aware of before you walk up the cruise ship boarding ramp or even start to Google “seven day cruises“. FREE STYLE OR ASSIGNED … [Read more...]

First Time Cruising

Things to Know for First-time Cruisers Should my first cruise be a short cruise or a long cruise?  Shorter 3 or 4 night cruises are cheaper and often “party boats” and tend to attract that type of crowd.  If this doesn’t bother you and you are not sure you will like a cruise, it’s definitely a good place to start. Longer cruises that cost more … [Read more...]

Port of Miami Cruise Terminal

Getting Around The Port Of Miami Cruise Terminals  One of the most popular ports for passengers leaving on the cruise of their dreams, the Port of Miami has enjoyed being one of the busiest ports of call in the United States for decades. It has grown even more in popularity in the last few decades, as more and more cruise lines have been … [Read more...]

Thermal Suite – Oasis of the Seas

Royal Caribbean’s Cruise Spa Services Royal Caribbean cruise ships are known for their luxurious spa services and facilities. Royal Caribbean has taken the whole on-board spa experience to the next level. Guests can now enjoy complete relaxation of the body and mind with various treatments available at these spas. These spas have all the latest … [Read more...]

Alaskan cruises

Travelling around the world is an exciting expedition that one can undertake. There are lots of breathtakingly magnificent places around the world which one can visit. One such place is Alaska. Although lots of people would flock to Alaska all throughout the year, traffic usually is heavy and accommodations are limited during May and September when … [Read more...]

Last Minute Deals on Cruises

This article is about debunking a popular myth of getting cheap cruises by waiting until the last minute. Smart cruisers save money by booking early, here's why. As sail dates approach, cruise rates go up due to increase in demand. Waiting until the last minute means paying more while settling for picked over cabin inventory. It's common for … [Read more...]

Asia Cruises

If you have never been to the exotic cities of Asia, Azamara Cruises can take you there.  Gifted with an eye for possible breathtaking destinations around Asia including Beijing, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Japan, creativity to come up with the most exciting on-board activities and onshore excursions, and a passion for outstanding service, … [Read more...]

Cruise Ship Vacations In the Bahamas

If you are looking for a romantic get-a-way the cruise ship vacations in the Bahamas is definitely the doctor’s order. There is no secret to the mystique and beauty of the islands, but what many do not realize is that cruise vacations in the Bahamas book very quickly. It is important to plan and prepare for your vacation as soon as possible. With … [Read more...]