Island Windjammers Sagitta Cruise Review

Most of the articles that I write are not in the first person but this one is different.  I had the distinct pleasure of spending a week aboard the lovely Sagitta and I can’t wait to share with you my amazing experience. Island Windjammers is an exclusive Cruise Company based in the Caribbean.  Sagitta sails out of St. Maarten while the Diamant … [Read more...]

Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are 21 volcanic islands located 600 miles west of the mainland of South America, parallel to Ecuador, on the equator, where the winds from the south meet the winds from the north.  At times this can cause ‘doldrums’ to occur and, in days long past, sailing ships that depended solely on wind power could get stuck in one place … [Read more...]

Quantum of the Seas

Royal Caribbean's newest mega ship is the Quantum of the Seas. Merriam-Webster describes the term “Quantum Leap” as “an abrupt change, sudden increase, or dramatic advance. “  In their announcement release, Royal Caribbean International is touting their newest addition, Quantum of the Seas, as a Quantum leap forward in cruise ship innovations, … [Read more...]

Royal Princess Ship Review

Joining the fleet of Princess cruise ships in June of 2013 will be the newest and largest Princess ship to date.  The ship will be christened the Royal Princess. Ship Facts and Specifications: The Royal Princess will have a capacity of 3,600 passengers and weigh in at a whopping 141,000 tons.  This might not be an impressive statistic for … [Read more...]

Liberty Star

Each day your Virgin Islands sailing vacation will begin with a hearty, home-cooked breakfast upon those famous waters.  You'll have the opportunity to help the crew sail the ship by raising sails or even taking a turn at the helm under the careful supervision of our experienced US Coast Guard licensed captain. The Virgin Islands were made for … [Read more...]

Liberty Clipper

Join the schooner LIBERTY CLIPPER in The Bahamas for a windjammer cruise and an unforgettable sailing experience that will change your view of small ship cruising forever.  Take the wheel on one of our night sails while the stars are out, get the course from the Captain, set your cup of coffee on the cabin top in front of you and feel the power of … [Read more...]

Royal Caribbean Spa Menu

Grab Some Precious Me Time with Spa and Beauty Services aboard Royal Caribbean Ships  For many of us, enjoying a cruise aboard a Royal Caribbean Cruise might count as an indulgence of the highest order. While true, there are other ways to grab a little precious me time in between ports of call.  Why not pamper yourself with rejuvenating … [Read more...]

MSC Cruises USA

Explore the World with MSC Cruises  MSC Cruises believe that a policy of global leadership also grants an increased level of responsibility to both the physical and human environments in which they do business. Their commitment to protecting the marine ecosystem takes precedence above all else and have implemented advanced air, water and waste … [Read more...]

Island Windjammers Cruises

If you want to take a cruise that is unlike almost any other, consider boarding the Diamant and spending a week or two with the Island Windjammer’s crew. Preceded by the now defunct Windjammer Barefoot Cruises, Island Windjammer is the only true year-round sailing cruise line in the Caribbean. When I say, sailing, I mean sailing.  Yes, this ship … [Read more...]

Celebrity Silhouette Review

Celebrity Silhouette Celebrity launched its newest cruise ship, Celebrity Silhouette on July 23, 2011.  Celebrity Silhouette joins her sister ships Celebrity Equinox, Celebrity Eclipse, Celebrity Solstice and Celebrity Reflection.   They are expected to be joined by yet another ship in the fleet, Celebrity Reflection beginning to sail in 2012.   … [Read more...]

Celebrity Eclipse

Celebrity Eclipse The Celebrity Eclipse, one of the Solstice class cruise ships from Celebrity Cruises set sail in February 2010. She’s 122,000 gross tons and has the capacity of an enormous 2,852 guests. The Celebrity Eclipse offers a wide range of extravagant facilities, most of which are utilized for events throughout the cruise. Dining on … [Read more...]

Norwegian Epic

Norwegian Epic Ship Review The Norwegian Epic debuted in June 2010. It boasted of a number of innovations like the first ever solo studio cabins and ice bar at sea. The ship is 1081 feet long and weighs over 150,000 gross tons. It has the capacity of an impressive 4100 guests. This ship is undoubtedly a 19-deck wonder. The Epic has managed to … [Read more...]

Oasis of the Seas

Royal Caribbean’s “Oasis of the Seas” RoyalCaribbean’s Oasis of the Seas, the world’s largest cruise ship has been a widely anticipated cruise ship. It introduced a number of innovations that have created quite a buzz and provides the ultimate cruise experience for those on board. The recreational, athletic and entertainment activities on … [Read more...]

Grand Turk Cruise Center

Review of Grand Turk Cruise Center Grand Turk is the capital island of the Turks and Caicos archipelago, part of the British West Indies, and located about 30 miles south of the Bahamas.  Grand Turk is one of the true gems of the Caribbean, a world-class scuba diving & snorkeling destination, and home of the third largest natural coral reef … [Read more...]

Royal Caribbean Solarium

The cruisers guide on Cruise Ship Pools Remember the typical Hollywood views of cruise ship life over the last few decades? It was always classic scenes of laughing passengers lounging around one poolside, enjoying cocktails at all hours of the day and children splashed about in the pool, playing simple games while their doting parents looked … [Read more...]

Royal Caribbean Labadee Jet Ski Shoreside Activities

Explore The Unique World Of Labadee, a Royal Caribbean Private Resort  A Royal Caribbean guest favorite for years, the private resort of Labadee, owned by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, has recently undergone a makeover, featuring new enhancements for guests to enjoy and the addition of seven brand new neighborhoods to explore. Enhancements: … [Read more...]

Carnival Miracle

Carnival Miracle Cruise Ship Review Carnival ships have always been known for their distinctive “whale-tail” funnels.  Carnival’s Miracle takes it up a notch with a ruby red glass cathedral ceiling 11 stories above the Metropolis atrium augmenting the iconic funnel. It’s a dramatic visual enhancement seen from both the outside as well as the … [Read more...]

Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas

Royal Caribbean’s “Navigator of the Seas” is a Voyager Class Mega Cruise Ship. She’s owned by second largest cruise line, Royal Caribbean. At the time of her launching, Navigator of the Seas was the largest cruise ship in the world. She’s in third place with Freedom and Oasis Class ships superseding her. She's one of my favorite ships with … [Read more...]

Thermal Suite – Oasis of the Seas

Royal Caribbean’s Cruise Spa Services Royal Caribbean cruise ships are known for their luxurious spa services and facilities. Royal Caribbean has taken the whole on-board spa experience to the next level. Guests can now enjoy complete relaxation of the body and mind with various treatments available at these spas. These spas have all the latest … [Read more...]

Disney Cruises

If you’re planning on a summer getaway vacation with your whole family including the kids, take a cruise aboard a Disney cruise ship. The Disney Cruise Line, operating since 1998, consists of two main ships namely: Disney Magic and Disney Wonder each equally magnificent and grandiose. The Disney Cruise Line provides families with exciting 3-7 … [Read more...]