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Island Windjammers has a new girl in the fleet and her name is Sagitta!  She joins the Diamant to offer unique Caribbean sailing cruises—Sagitta from St Maarten in the Leeward Islands, Diamant from Grenada in the Windward Islands.

Sagitta measures in at 120 feet in length, with a 22 foot beam and 10.3 feet draft.  She cruises along at a top speed of 8 knots and is equipped with 110/240 volt electrical power.

All cabins are fully air-conditioned and feature private bathroom facilities. In addition to ten standard cabins, Sagitta boasts a luxurious Owners’ Cabin.  This large aft cabin features a comfortable king size bed, a spacious bathroom, a small fridge and a TV and DVD player.  It’s a great space not only to sleep, but to hang out and relax in!

An exciting new “Solo Sailors” cabin option is available on Sagitta.  Two cozy, private single occupancy cabins with a shared bath can be booked by solo sailors at published double occupancy rates, without having to pay the premiums usually associated with a private cabin.  This is a unique new option for the single traveler.

Life on Sagitta is entirely as laid back and relaxing as you would expect from a sailing ship in the Caribbean.  You can do as much or as little as you like.  Island Windjammers cruises are nearly all-inclusive. Port charges, meals and snacks, and most beverages (even beer, wine, and rum punch!) are  included in the price of your cruise.  Most cruise lines charge extra for alcohol and for specialty dining.  The Sagitta even has her own featured drink, the “Sagittarita” to enjoy while you’re on-board.  The ingredients are a secret, but it’s guaranteed to be delicious and refreshing.

Island Windjammers cruises are the ultimate in casual. T-shirts and shorts are all you’ll need to pack. Leave the tuxedos and gowns at home!

Sagitta’s size means that you’ll visit exotic hidden coves and beaches, which can’t be reached on a larger cruise ship. As mentioned, Sagitta’s home port is St. Maarten.  Six night cruises board here on Sundays. Sagitta calls on Anguilla, St. Kitts, Nevis, St. Barts and St. Eusatius before returning to disembark in St. Maarten on Saturday. Extended nine and twelve night cruises venturing further afield are also offered periodically throughout the year.


Tucked away in the Northern Caribbean, Anguilla is a welcoming island with white sand beaches and turquoise waters that will beckon you to play and relax.  Residents of Anguilla are typical islanders in the sense that they are warm, welcoming and completely laid back.  They are happy to share their culture and heritage to visitors and there are a number of activities to be enjoyed here if you desire to do something more than just lie on the beach or swim in the beautiful waters.   Whether you choose sightseeing, shopping, an aquatic activity or you just enjoy the island vibe at a restaurant or bar, Anguilla is an easy place to enjoy the good life.

St. Kitts

The natural beauty of St. Kitts is actively preserved and more than a quarter of this island is a National Park.  Large coral beds, a growing rain forest and schools of beautiful tropical fish swimming through pristine waters are just part of what you will experience on this gorgeous island.  You can enjoy diving, fishing, water sports, catamaran cruises, beach bars and historical sites along with tours and excursions showing off all this island has to offer.


The island of Nevis is only 36 square miles.  And those miles are green and gorgeous!  One of the few truly unspoiled places in the world, Nevis is known as the “Queen of the Caribees” and she wears that crown proudly.  With only 10,000 human residents and a plethora of flora and fauna to be explored and admired, Nevis offers a true island feel and radiates charm and hospitality from every corner.  Make sure to enjoy scuba diving around the reefs and shipwrecks or hiking in the rain forest while you are here.  It is also a wonderful place to enjoy the night sky as light pollution is relatively unknown here.

St. Barts

This island is probably the best known port of call on this cruise.  St. Barts is another beautiful and pristine island surrounded by blue waters and white sands.  It’s a wonderful place to spend the day lying on the beach, basking in the sun or treating one’s self to a day of pampering, as several fitness centers on the island offer massage and other treatments.  St. Barts is the place to relax!

St. Eustatius

This island is affectionately known as Statia to the locals and is literally a paradise for nature lovers.  Quiet, peaceful and laid back, you can explore the remnants of five extinct volcanoes here as well as tropical rain forests, world class diving among coral reefs and shipwrecks where you will come across schools of tropical fish that are unrivaled anywhere.  This small island has a rich history that the locals will happily share with you.

Island Windjammers has a limited 6 night cruise offered from August 30 to September 5, 2013. The $1299 per person rate for this sailing is the absolute lowest offered by Island Windjammers all year.  It will also be one of the most exciting and fun, as Sagitta and Diamant will be sailing together out of Grenada!

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