Quantum of the Seas

north-star-extendRoyal Caribbean’s newest mega ship is the Quantum of the Seas. Merriam-Webster describes the term “Quantum Leap” as “an abrupt change, sudden increase, or dramatic advance. “  In their announcement release, Royal Caribbean International is touting their newest addition, Quantum of the Seas, as a Quantum leap forward in cruise ship innovations, including virtual balconies, accommodations for large groups and singles, and skydiving at sea!  She will be later joined by her sister ship, Anthem of the Seas, where these innovations will also be incorporated.  But for now, let’s talk about Quantum of the Seas.

First some specifications; Quantum of the Sea tips the scales at 167,800 gross registered tons.  She spreads that across her 1,141 foot long and 136 foot wide frame.  Her draft is 28 feet deep.  If you are wondering what a draft is, it’s the distance between the water line and the bottom of the hull.  She can cruise along at a respectable top speed of 22 knots, a good average for a cruise ship.

Quantum of the Seas can accommodate 4,180 guests with double occupancy with 4,905 guests total in 2,090 staterooms including 1,570 with balconies and another 373 with virtual balconies.  The ship also features 16 passenger decks and 16 elevators.

Kristin Chenoweth will be Quantum of the Sea’s Godmother, which means she will have the honor of christening the ship by breaking a bottle of champagne over its hull.  It is her job is to bestow good fortune on the ship and all those who cruise aboard.  Chenoweth is an accomplished actress, singer and is known for her Broadway roles, notably in Wicked, as well as a supporting role in the television series, Pushing Daisies, for which she won an Emmy and a recurring character role on Glee.

New innovations on the Quantum of the Seas:

  • North Star is one of the most anticipated new features and for good reason.  It looks amazing!  This jewel shaped glass capsule rises over 300 feet above the water and affords passengers spectacular 360 degree views.  The 15 minute “flight” is complimentary to all passengers but Royal Caribbean will be offering special private packages for special events such as weddings and flights at the most popular times, which will of course be sunrise and sunset.  These packages will include a champagne toast, a pre-flight reception and a post-flight meal, as well as a certificate to commemorate the event.  This experience promises to be unlike anything previously offered and will likely be a highlight of the cruise for everyone that takes advantage of this amazing new feature.
  • Royal Caribbean has a long history of offering ‘firsts’ at sea and here comes another one for the record books and the thrill seekers.  RipCord by iFly is a simulated skydiving experience that takes place inside a 23-foot tall glass flight chamber.  You can experience the exhilaration of skydiving without any of the inherent dangers all while taking in gorgeous views of the surrounding ocean.  There is a viewing platform where your friends and family can participate in your big leap.
  • Another new introduction on the Quantum class series of crafts is the revolutionary signature venue with the clever label Two70.  Two70 refers to the degrees of spectacular panoramic view that greets you when you enter this amazing room.  Three decks worth of floor to ceiling glass walls at the stern of the ship offer a viewing experience never before imagined.  A variety of seating is staggered throughout the space at various levels giving opportunity for everyone to enjoy ‘the best seat in the house.’   This room holds a multitude of pleasurable activities in addition to the view.  You can enjoy a snack from the gourmet marketplace, a drink from the first ever at-sea ice bar. Guest lecturers and activities are offered throughout the day, turning to performances occurring all around you as the evening progresses and culminating in late night dancing.  What an exciting spot!
  • Royal Caribbean will now offer the largest indoor active space at sea, known as Seaplex.  Here they offer a variety of exciting activities such as circus school where you can learn the art of trapeze juggling.  There is a full size regulation basketball court which plays host to a number of sports.  At night you can roller skate here or take a fun ride on bumper cars all under a mix of lights and music.  Seaplex is right next to the Sports Court which features the new RipCord experience as well as a rock climbing wall and surf simulator.
  • The Music Hall is joining the array of entertainment venues as an intimate way to experience live performances.  During the day, this space will offer dance classes and improve workshops but it will really shine at night as it presents to passengers a variety of musical events from DJ’s to live performances and special theme night parties.  With a baroque rock and roll inspired décor, two bars to serve patrons, billiard tables and multi-level seating options, this space will be a place to celebrate and unwind.
  • As with everything else on the Quantum of the Seas, the staterooms are innovative as well.  Averaging about 9% larger than those on an Oasis class ship, these rooms are positively roomy!  The Quantum class ships will offer the first studio staterooms for single travelers and the first family-connected staterooms offering options for travelers of multiple generations or groups of friends traveling together.  One of the most exciting new features in the staterooms is the addition of virtual balconies giving all rooms a ‘view.’  Interior staterooms are usually the most affordable way to cruise but it sometimes comes at a price, mainly a lack of view and a possible feeling of being confined.    The virtual balconies offer real-time views of the ocean and turn every stateroom into a balcony room.

Additional features about dining, entertainment and other new features are set to be released over the coming few months but as you can see here there are already plenty of new innovations to get excited about on Quantum of the Seas.

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